1. Are all of the Line Refine products safe?

Yes. All of our products are mainly made of Silpuranier, medical–grade silicone, close to human body fluid. They are dermatologist certified, irritation and sensitization tested. Silpuranier has been used and trusted by clinics, hospitals, doctors and surgeons for the past 15 years as a very safe and effective way to heal, to normalize scars and burns on the skin. But if silicone made you allergic or you get easily irritated from adhesives like bandages, please refrain from using our pads or consult your doctor before using it.

2. Are Line Refine products a permanent way to solve scars, wrinkles and eye bags?

Only one use of our products, you will find a conspicuous change on your skin. Overtime, you will notice your skin with high levels of hydration and good dermal circulation. Thus, with frequent use, your deeper wrinkles or scars will be effectively reduced. During application, the smoothening effect of our pads prevents the formation of wrinkles.

3. Do our products work on any skin type?

Yes. Line Refine is a beauty revolution. Products are suitable for men and women of all types of skin and ages. No matter you have fine lines at young ages, or sagging eye bags and wrinkles from middle ages onwards.

4. Can I use Line Refine Stretch Marks Pads while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Retinols or injectables are not recommended to pregnant women. But our medical-grade materials are used by doctors or surgeons to sooth and rescue scars. Therefore they are safe for mothers. However , if you have allergic skin, please check with your doctors before you use.

5. How to use the products of Line Refine ?

a) You are suggested to use them before sleeping, till you wake up the next morning. In.fact, you can see the results after 2 hours of usage.

b) After cleansing your skin, peel off the pad and place the adhesive side onto your skin. Use your fingers to press lightly.

c) Take off the pads naturally.

d) Please keep the pads clean after use, you can wash the adhesive side with water or mild cleanser. Let it dry naturally. Check out our “Facebook video” for detailed instructions of cleaning the pads.

e) Our products can be reused for 15 times. When the adhesiveness lost, please use a new piece of pads.

6. If I place Line Refine pads after putting on my skin care favorites first, will it be more effective?

NO! It might affect the adhesiveness of our pads. The pads will be easily taken off. You are recommended to place directly our pads onto your skin.

7. How can I maintain my daily skin care routine?

We recommend you to use our products on clean and dry skin. And of course, you do not have to forget your skincare routine. At night, you can apply your loved stuff on your skin around our pads. When you wake up, store well our pads on the supplied storage shield, and normally use your favorite skincare products.

8. After one night, I find a trace on my skin when I peel off the pad, what should I do?

NO worry! The trace will disappear naturally after a while.

9. If I usually move around during sleeping, will the pads being adhered stably on my skin?

Our products are designed to be comfortably adhered to your skin, no matter how you sleep. If it happens that the pads lose adhesion, please clean it thoroughly and it can be reused. Check out our “Facebook video” for detailed instructions of cleaning the pads.

10. Why do my lines become more in the morning after using Line Refine pads?

When the pads are not placed tightly onto the skin, or even on a wrinkles-overlapping position, there is a chance that lines temporarily appear.

11. When the pads have been reused for several times and the adhesiveness lost, what can I do?

Firstly, please make sure that if the pads get any substances or hairs sticking on them. After clearing up any impurities, wash it with water. Check out our “Facebook video” for detailed instructions of cleaning the pads. The hot air of hair dryer can help to regain its adhesiveness.

12. Why can’t the pimple pads be reused?

Line Refine Pimples pad gets the function of absorbing wound exudate, resulting in accumulation of bacteria, so it can’t be reused. We emphasize not using our pads on open wounds, infected areas or rashes.

13. About rescuing scars, how long should I use it?

Scars formed long time ago and its colour deepness will definitely influence the recovery time. To continuously use it for 4-12 weeks, the effect will be better.