Anti-wrinkles silicone forehead mask


LINE REFINE Silicone Forehead Mask is made of medical-grade Silpuranier (silicon), free of hormones and additives, and is very compatible with human skin.

Silpuranier has been used by surgeons for more than 15 years to treat scars caused by burns. Coupled with its anti-oxidation and high moisturizing functions, it is conducive to the skin’s self-repair function.

    When using the silicone mask, a tiny and tight environment will be formed between the skin and the silicone, which helps the skin absorbing moisture and oxygen from the epidermis to the dermis, promoting the expansion of skin cells, making the dermis plump, and stimulating the skin to produce collagen. The skin pedicle tissue is repaired, the forehead skin is instantly hydrated, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothened, firmness and plumpness are restored. It also has the effect of curing acne.

Certification and awards

  • EN ISO 13485 certified manufacturer in producing sterile medical devices
  • With CE certificates
  • GMP registered in the mainland China
  • FDA certified in U.S.A
  • German Dermatest, the authoritative skin sensitivity test, granted us the highest level “Excellent”
  • Designed in Hong Kong Awards 2019, in the Beauty Industry, by Hong Kong Business magazine
  • Rated by American magazine “Beauty Report” 2018 as the most favorite “new beauty product”
  • In 2017, it was rated as “Excellent” skin care product by the Swiss Skin Research Institute
  • Named by “AOL”in 2017 as the best beauty tool of the year
  • Selected as a “Recommended product” by the American fashion magazine “VOGUE” in 2015


  • 1.After cleaning the skin, take out the pad from the box, stick the adhesive side to the skin, avoid air bubbles, and press gently till secured.
  • 2. It can be used in the evening until the next morning, or used continuously for more than 2 hours at any time.
  • 3. It is better to use natural strength when taking off the silicone film.
  • 4.When cleaning is required, add a little detergent on the adhesive side, rub it lightly for a few times, then rinse with water and let it dry naturally. Stick the adhesive side back into the box and store properly.
  • 5. The product is reusable for 15 times. When the adhesiveness fails, please replace it with a new one.

If you want to apply skincare products, apply it on the skin around the silicone mask. Or apply skincare products when the mask is removed after waking up.